Successful Strategic Planning For Firm Leaders

DOWNLOAD THIS FREE E-BOOK AND GET: A clear and concise overview, direct from PSMJ’s architecture and engineering industry experts, of the complex subject of strategic planning … an important determinant of your firm’s success or failure.

This complimentary e-book covers more than just the basics of successful strategic planning.  It gives you real, tangible advice on:  

  • What strategic planning can do for your firm
  • What a strategic plan is, and what it’s not
  • Things to consider before you begin
  • How to hold a productive strategic planning meeting
  • The essentials of strategic planning success

In this e-book, Successful Strategic Planning for A/E Firm Leaders, you’ll find specific suggestions to help you think of “plan” as something you do all the time, tending to it at regular intervals—a process that never ends—an ongoing part of your proactive approach to the marketplace and to running your business.