Successful Financial Management

Download this e-book and get a clear and concise overview, direct from PSMJ’s architecture and engineering industry experts, of the complex subject of financial management … the ultimate determinant of your firm’s success of failure.

This complimentary e-book covers more than just the basics of successful financial management.  It also gives you real, tangible tools and advice on:  

  • Using skills levels to set higher fees—that your clients will pay!
  • Determining if your pricing is what it should it be
  • Proven-effective ways to reduce WIP
  • Learning what NOT to do when you sell your equity
  • Determining if—and WHY—you should give bonuses
  • The best industry tips for cutting overhead

Whether you are trying to increase your profitability or reduce your days in A/R, you need to understand why and how your projects are meeting, exceeding, or failing to meet your budget goals.  Find out where you’re falling short and discover how to replicate your success.

Before you take on your next project, view this FREE e-book today!