M&A Survival Tips

Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activity in the architecture and engineering space is certainly on the upswing and well on its way to reaching pre-recession levels. But, how ready are you for taking on the task of buying or selling an A/E firm? How do you make sure you aren’t overpaying or leaving money on the table? How do you avoid a million-dollar mistake?

PSMJ Senior M&A Consultant Dion Kenney recently polled A/E firm leaders to their perceived readiness to undertake a merger or acquisition. More than one-third (37%) of the respondents admitted that their management team “somewhat” has the current capacity to undertake M&A.

No matter where you perceive your readiness, a first step to your future success is in understanding the process, and possible pitfalls along the way. It is easy for the uninformed to make one small oversight or misjudgment that leads to major problems later on.

In this M&A Survival Tips for A/E Firm Leaders, we want to help you navigate through some of the thornier parts of getting started as well as implementing a realistic and successful M&A plan.