2023 ERP Study Cover2023 A/E ERP Software Review: Architecture and Engineering Firm Enterprise Resource Planning Software Survey Report reveals the features, benefits, advantages and shortcomings of the most commonly used applications, including:

•    BQE Core Software
•    Deltek Ajera
•    Deltek Vision
•    Unanet AE
•    Deltek Vantagepoint
•    HSO Proserv AEC360
•    BST Enterprise

With 198 participants and rich analysis, this is the most comprehensive report specific to the A/E industry. You get peer-reviewed input regarding ERP software:

•    Ease of conversion from prior software
•    Degree to which the CFO and Principals receive critical accounting data
•    Capabilities to provide Project Managers with necessary information 
•    Ease of integration with other applications
•    Support for business-intelligence functions
•    Support for Human Resources functions
•    Support for Marketing functions
•    Quality of training and support
•    Likelihood of recommending software

Use this report to spark conversation, questions, and decisions based on your firm’s specific needs and challenges.