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Strategic planning, done right, can drive your firm to new levels of profitability and productivity. Done wrong, it can become an expensive exercise in frustration. You’ll see both sides, and learn how to make sure your next plan execution is a resounding success, with PSMJ’s new A/E/C Strategic Planning Executive Survey Report.

This plain-English briefing provides hard data and candid comments drawn from PSMJ’s February 2019 survey of 157 principals and executives in A/E/C. We asked key questions about strategic planning:

  • What really moved the needle on growth?
  • What did you like about the process?
  • What did you dislike about the process?

For this Executive Summary Report, we crunched the numbers to show you what peer organizations have done, right and wrong, to establish plans for growth and business process improvement.

Plus, we include respondent answers in their entirety, to give you the complete picture and insights for your own planning process. Armed with these real-world experiences, you’ll proceed expeditiously and confidently toward your goal. And emerge with a strategic plan you can implement right away.

This important report not only provides insight into how strategic planning best practices can improve your firm’s performance and client satisfaction, but also includes specific recommendations based on how the most successful firms adjust to changing conditions and overcome significant challenges.